Monday, January 9, 2012

One week at a time

I failed last week. I came close, but not close enough. I ended up with one can of soda, coke actually. At least it wasn't Mt. Dew. I didn't bike in the gym at all, I walked a bunch, brisk walking with hills and stairs, mostly with the dogs. This week has been a bit depressing, not the worst week on record, but a hard one. This upcoming week will be better, here is my week's goal starting tomorrow:

  • No soda
  • Walk the dogs each day in the morning
  • Bike at the gym twice this week for 45 mins each time
  • Track caloric intake on myfitnesspal each day

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday morning, pray for me. I am pretty negative and am pretty sure it's not healing. It still hurts now and again. It doesn't feel like it's healing. Surgery will mean a way long recovery. Grrr.

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