Monday, February 28, 2011

still rotten outside

Today wasn't too bad but as the day went on it got colder and showed much promise of more snow. I drove to work today to ride home, but decided it was too cold. It's also supposed to snow tomorrow morning until 8am and I am NOT going to ride to work in the snow. I hope the weather improves, if it's not snowing I will ride in.

So instead I rode in the gym, LAME! I'm glad I have the gym to ride in, but who likes sitting on a stationary fat seat machine while watching The Bachelor. I rode 16.5 miles in 1 hour on the stationary bike to only get pulled into who Brad will choose, will it be Emily, Chantelle or Ashley? Now I will have to go back next week and ride inside again to find out.

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M said...

I hate that too. You are expereincing the Utah winters in Seattle. The dreaded gym. Totally lame. The scenery just isn't the same. I guess, maybe it's just a change of scenery when you are watching the Bachelor. :) I hope that you get to go outside soon. I am looking forward to running outside here. Miss you.