Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We all celebrate snow, when there is a nice white fluffy blanket keeping the ground warm it makes us feel all excited inside. You ladies know that feeling, all of a sudden 6:30 am is not early at all and you have the superhuman ability to jump out of your bed, get ready in 10 minutes flat and be on the slopes 45 minutes later. (oh and don't worry, you still look gooooooood!)

That blanket of awesome snow has made its way into Seattle of all places. Needless to say I have not been riding. I have been a chicken poop who didn't want to ride on the potentially icy and snowy roads. On the up side, I did hit the climbing gym last night and did some core work. I learned how weak my core is because the minimal amount of work I accomplished last night left me feeling today like I had two broken ribs on either side. Mondays ride and my broken ribs have taught me that I need to add core work and stretching into my training plan. Any suggestions for good biking specific exercises to help prevent back pain?

I did have some great bike parts success Monday, I found a Bontrager stem that is about 1/2" shorter then the old one. $5.00 later I should have some well deserved pain relief in the shoulder and neck area. We will see...

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TEENY said...

if you can go to the gym you can do back crunches (don't know the name) where your body hangs over a bench and your feet are attached and as you raise your torso up you use your back muscles to support you. then you can add weight.

I started doing those along with weighted crunches and my back is doing so much better while skiing.

But you can always do supermans at home that are timed - works lower back too.

So excited for you!!