Sunday, February 20, 2011

The first and only week so far...

I started my training plan three weeks ago. The first week I stuck to my plan pretty closely, but then I was plagued by the northwest gumbo. The sickness has been taking out whole households for weeks at a time and I was stuck with it on the weekend, the weekend!! Argh! The good news is that the worst of it passed quickly, I missed work on Monday but that was it, although there was a lingering fatigue that sucked the life out of me at the beginning, middle and end of the day. Two weeks later I finally feel up to moving around and doing anything that requires energy.

So, let's focus on the first week for now, it consisted of 4 rides to or from work, 15 miles each. This was a bitter cold week. I rode in temps that left me with numb feet and a red blotchy face. The good news is of the week is the last ride, i shaved 5 minutes off my time coming into work. Wahoo. I didn't do a long ride this week, was planning to do it Saturday, but the illness took over.

The last two weeks I have done pretty much nothing, I haven't touched the bike. I did go for a run yesterday, ran a 5K with some friends and I felt totally fine. In fact I had more energy then not, I think I am healed. With some proper nutrition and some sleep, I'll be ready to ride this week.

Although not many people may follow what I write here, I would like to someday have such a blog become a place of motivation, inspiration and camaraderie among active women. It would be great if as I post my training, others training for the same event or other events like it, can post their successes and challenges, getting ideas and motivation from each other. I hope that anyone out there in cyber space who is training for anything at this time will contribute to the cause.

I will update on my training progress as I go and as the weather warms up then more posts will follow. Think sunny thoughts.

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