Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Here we go, I have signed up for the Seattle to Portland (STP) ride, 206 miles (I think). Tiffany Kawasaki talked me into it, she signed up for the two day ride and I just had to do it. I am turning this blog into my training blog for the STP. I figure the accountability is a good thing and Tiff and I can communicate this way, stay on top of each other and our progress.

I started a training plan two weeks ago, the first week went great, I biked 4 times, 15 miles each time. Then...I got sick. I was sick that weekend (no Saturday ride) and have been sick for a full week since. I'm finally feeling a bit better, it's Tuesday the week after. Hopefully, I can feel well enough to ride tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the training plan. My goal is to be ready to ride the STP in July and to lose some weight so I can look gooood! If anyone else has similar goals and is struggling to stay motivated, this is the place to cheer each other on and keep up with your goal.

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