Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Century of the year...Flying Wheels

What a great ride. I have found a new love for riding with lots of people. The thrill of the road bike is the fast passing, the drafting, the stuff that makes you focus hard because you're a bit freaked out. I have such a hard time focusing in my real life, it's cool to do something that demands focus, not paying attention for a split second can mean road rash and broken bones.

Today's ride was fast, the fastest we have done so far. 100 miles in 6 hrs and 11 mins, about 5.5 hours of actual ride time, 17.7 ave mph. 4000 vertical feet with a brutal and long climb about mile 80. And at the end I felt great. I started with sore thighs and hamstrings from the Monday ride, but after mile 20 they loosened up and all was well. I ate plenty and drank maybe too much (if that's possible), I had to pee way too often. I feel like we could have done another 50 for sure, maybe not another 100. We will have to slow the pace down a little for the STP, but we will make it. :)

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Forrest said...

Very cool. Love hearing about this stuff.