Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top 10 Reasons, err, excuses, not to bike...

Yah, that's right, I said reasons not to bike. What I really mean is...I haven't biked once this week, yet. I have had excuse after excuse. This is where all you all out there have to kick in and motivate me to suck it up and ride my bike anyway. Well, either way, ponder on these excuses and see if you can relate to any...

10. I have no one to go with, or I don't feel like going alone.
9. My husband misses me.
8. It's supposed to rain today (oh, wait, I live in Seattle, it rains every day)
7. I have to stay late at work to get a project done.
6. I already can't feel my toes.
5. I'm TIRED!
4. I feel like I'm getting sick, better not push it and get really sick.
3. I have a flat and for some reason can't bring myself to just fix it.
2. But I want to go to that dinner party, I'll be late if I ride.
1. And the #1 reason for today is...a horse bolted down the trail and I had to work him hard to make sure he knows he can't get away with that type of childish behavior.

No matter the excuse, you have to just make the decision, go or don't go and of course, you should decide to go. Training will only ultimately work if you stick to the plan and make it a priority over most other things. You have to accept the choices you are making and be okay with sacrificing your typical pleasures for the thing you want more, the thing you want most whether it be unashamed attractiveness with the new skinny you, a top five finish (or at least faster then that one girl, you know who she is), feeling good with the new found fitness, making it to the end of a double century and being able to walk the next day, whatever, it just has to be more important and worth the work.

Good thing riding is so much fun, it's worth the sacrifice.

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Brooke said...

Those sound like my excuses! Except the horse ;-) Keep up the self discipline girly!