Sunday, April 3, 2011

The rest of last week and on into next

This isn't me obviously, but I felt like this guy this week and wished I had an umbrella too. It was WET. Go figure here in Seattle, I know, but even for Seattle it was extra wet. The Saturday ride showcased overflowing rivers and flooding, there were complete roads under water, luckily none that we had to travel.

So last week wasn't 100%, I rode Monday 15 miles and Friday 15 Miles. Friday, I did ride in the pouring rain, when I got to work I left little wet foot shaped spots all over the carpet leading into my office. The ride itself wasn't cold, but the rest of the day was. I couldn't warm up until I rode Mahon, that cute little Haflinger sport horse, he warmed me up even though that was in the rain too. So overall 80 miles, not great.

My excuse is New Beginnings, I helped organize a small, very small event for my church Young Women's group. We had a decorating night late Tuesday night then the event was Wednesday night, then Thursday I was just to dang tired.

This week I am going skiing Saturday so no long ride this week, but I will try to get in a longish ride Thursday, if I can scoot out of work a little early, I can have four hours of light, I think I could do 40+ miles before dark. Then Monday 15ish, Tuesday to and from work so 30, Wednesday mutual, Friday 20+.

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