Monday, March 21, 2011

A week lost

My sister visited from Utah this week and my training went out the window faster then an untrained flying squirrel. (They are fast you know) I rode Monday and that's it.

It was a fun weekend, went to a show Friday night with Ben and a friend and got to get tossed around the floor swing style by someone who knew what they were doing, woohoo, that was fun! Then Saturday Desi and I drove to Vancouver, first time across the northern boarder for both of us. And much to Ben's dismay, they let us back in the country. Sunday was a relaxed day with church and dinner with the missionaries. Desi was sick though, that party really sucked.

I am taking her to the market then to the airport this morning. Plan for this week is:

Monday 15-20 miles today after work
Tuesday 30 miles to and from work
Wednesday off
Thursday 30 miles after work
Friday short ride in the morning
Saturday 50 miles with Tiffany in the morning

Week goal, about 140 miles.

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