Monday, March 14, 2011

19.41 after work - I love daylight savings time!!

Check it out here:

Had just enough time to make it back before I couldn't see. I gladly sacrifice that one hour of sleep to gain a life after work again. yeay. Also, the clouds parted long enough for me to stay relatively dry today and wear knickers instead of tights. WOOHOO! Spring is on its way.

One fun highlight from my ride tonight...the way home was flooded, the road was closed and I didn't want to hike through thigh deep water again so I found a new way home. This ride was great because it helped me find a route to head to and from work that can add miles.


colleen said...

Just an exclamatory - like Live! Bike! Love ya!

ElderLee said...

Way to go! Colleen has helped me to get onto your blog. I'll try to keep you up on my rides if you want. Did Hobble Creek left fork last night. Got up and down at about 14.5 mph. Wind was so bad coming down it kept throwing me into the road. Did a 34 mile on Monday. Lots of climbing.