Sunday, March 6, 2011

At least next time I will know where I'm going...

Rode a little over 29.5 miles today. It was supposed to be a quick ride along the beach and it turned into me stopping every turn because I kept getting lost. I wrote line by line directions and it just didn't work. I will make sure I have a map next time. It turned out to be a hilly ride that weaved in and out, up and down. I was within ear shot of the coast almost the whole time and here and there snuck an awesome view of the Puget Sound and Olympics. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. It's so nice to see the sun.

Here is the link to the ride, you can see the idea even though I had to double back a number of times.

Also, got a flat near the end. This would explain the random ending point on this ride, the idea is to make it back home.

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