Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30.8 miles to and from work

It was wet and cold this morning so I am lucky I have access to a washer and dryer at work. I washed my clothes so they would be dry and warm this evening when I rode home at 7:30pm in the dark. Too bad I don't have a washer and dryer for me at work, I was yucky. The ride home in the dark was way warmer then the ride to work in the light. I need new water proof and windproof pants. My legs looked like they contracted a bad case of the red rash, red and blotchy and cooooooold!

On a brighter note, I bought road bike shoes yesterday and road bike pedals today. After I use them for a while I'll let you know what I think. I have been riding in some old mountain bike shoes (at least 10 year old Answer shoes) and using old SPD mountain pedals. I can't say anything bad about this shoe besides it is amazingly out of style. I don't have any shoes for any activity that have been used and abused for as long as these have and lived to tell about it. I would recommend Answer shoes if they are making them like they used to.

Here is the show I bought, I am not going to ride in them for a few days to decide if they are really what I want. :) But check em out...

The WR41 is perfect for the value-conscious cyclist looking for a performance shoe without the price. The WR41's boast a triple closure system similar to those found on the fanciest slippers out there. Two instep velcro straps and a ratcheting buckle keep your foot locked in and slip-free.

The lower-volume women's specific shape further helps to keep your feet snug and stable. The fiberglass sole is reinforced for stiffness, without being unrelentingly rigid. These shoes are stiff like a pro-level shoe, but retain the comfort of a shoe that is much more compliant. Mesh panels help your feet stay ventilated, and the synthetic leather upper will provide years of service.


  • Micro-adjust buckle secures foot and allows subtle adjustments
  • Dual layer nylon mesh provides excellent breatheability
  • Women specific last for more natural, comfortable fit
  • Lightweight fiberglass reinforced polyamide outer sole balances stiffness and compliance for club and fitness riders
  • SPD-SL (road) and SPD (mountain) cleat compatible


c said...

ooh, fancy! I want to know what pedals you are using. Since I have been doing more road biking I am seeing the benefit to better road specific pedals versus just using my my crank brothers - which allow a lot of side to side movement in my foot, which I know in turn is a loss of energy that could go to the pedal.

Rae and Ben said...

I just bought a used pair of Look Kio Classic Pedals, used off Craigslist with new cleats for $40. They aren't super light, made of a polymide composite. I just got them last night so I'll let you know if I like the new set up. I am way excited to ride in something with a stiffer sole and more surface area for pedal contact. I think if nothing else it will decrease fatigue and help me go longer or faster or something amazing like that.

So, are you using road pedals on your road bike right now or using your crank bros on your roadie?

TEENY said...

Still using Crank brothers on the road bike - I have never tried actual road specific pedals. I have my old Sidi (mtn) shoes, which are fine for road biking but I have crank brothers candy pedals with them and they just don't lock in nicely.